Russia repay debts

According to the Federal Treasury, Russia in 2019 issued by foreign States and organizations loans to 215 billion rubles, and got back 250 billion rubles.
It was the first time in nine years.

Russia since 2010 has granted loans in the amount of 1.3 trillion rubles, and returned to 0.8 trillion rubles, reported news.

This is due to the fact that Cyprus has fully repaid its debt to Russia. Russia gave Cyprus in 2011 year loan 2,5 billion euros under 4,5% per annum with maturity in 2016. Soon, the repayment of principal was postponed until the 2018-2021.

In General, the debt of various countries to Russia by the end of 2019 was approximately $35 billion, including “legacy” of the Soviet Union.

the external debt of Russia by 1 January 2020 increased by 26.8 billion to $ 481,5 billion dollars, has informed Bank of Russia. “The main role in dynamics of this indicator was played by the acquisition by non-residents of sovereign securities denominated in Russian roubles and in foreign currency. The external debt of the private sector is practically unchanged: the growth of liabilities of other sectors, mainly in the framework of direct investment relationships, offset by the reduction in external debt of banks,” — notes the regulator.