Russia promised

the Company OneWeb, which is developing a draft affordable broadband access to the Internet using satellites and network of ground stations, intends to allocate to Russia more capacity than any other country in the world. The head of One Web told in an interview to “Vedomosti”.

OneWeb CEO Adrian Glasses∎ told the newspaper that developed the system “perfect for Russia” – the country “very large”, and power OneWeb “will be able to cover its entire territory”. “The country that will be allocated the most power – Russia”, – he promised.

But the launch of OneWeb in Russia is questionable, as commercial activities in our country, the company can start only after obtaining required permissions and licenses. To do this plan, involving the deployment of partners from Russia. If permission can not be obtained, OneWeb will not work in Russia.

But the Glasses ready to the last to convince Russian officials that Russia’s sovereignty and control over the Internet OneWeb not in danger. In an interview, he emphasized that developed a system of satellite access “allows the government to feel completely comfortable in such issues as the control over the Internet, data transmission and security”.

“as a model, we use our approach to Kazakhstan, where we proved that we can be a strategic partner of the country”, – said the head of OneWeb. Last year the company failed to obtain needed to work in Russia frequency – as a result the application was withdrawn “for its refinement and bring it in line with the changed requirements of Russian legislation”, according to the publication RNS with reference to the representative of the Ministry of communications .

To date, OneWeb has attracted investments in the amount of $ 3.4 billion from big investors like Softbank, Virgin, Qualcomm and Airbus. The company intends to withdraw its satellites into orbit primarily by Russian Soyuz rockets. A series of runs should be completed by the third quarter of 2021 th year.

Text: To.Hi-tech