Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the defense Ministry and foreign Ministry to hold talks with Syria on the transfer of additional real estate and waters in the area of the Syrian coast. This is stated in the disposal the President, posted Friday on the portal of legal information.

“Accept the offer of the government of the Russian Federation on signing the Protocol no 1 to the agreement between the Russian Federation and the Syrian Arab Republic on the placement of the aviation group of the Russian Armed forces on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, dated 26 August 2015 on the transfer of additional real estate and water”, — stated in the document.

According to order, by agreement of the defense Ministry and the foreign Ministry have the right to sign on behalf of the Russian Federation the specified Protocol, “allowing it to introduce its project approved by the government of the Russian Federation, changes that are not of a fundamental nature.”

last Fall, in Tartus on the base launched a new ship repair workshop, which allows to significantly reduce the repair of Russian ships that are far away from their main bases.

“On the extension base Hamim speak for a long time. This is necessary to enhance the security of the base, which occasionally is exposed to attacks, and for the better cultivation of the military infrastructure of the airfield and the civil”, — said “Kommersant” the expert of the Russian Council on foreign Affairs Ilya Kramnik. He recalled that the Russian air base adjacent to the airport Latakia and uses its infrastructure.

“the Expansion of the Tartus — a more significant project from the point of view of scale, in the future there should be created a Navy base, which allows entry and maintenance of all ships up to aircraft carrier. Current boundaries this problem cannot be resolved, so that negotiations on the subject of the transfer of additional areas is inevitable,” the expert added.

Marianna Belenkaya