Mikhail Mishustin announced the opening of external borders of Russia: August 1 international air offers from three countries – UK, Turkey and … Tanzania. The resumption of regular flights to London waiting for a long time the Russian elite, for Turkish resorts personally asked Putin, Erdogan, and Turkey who are not satisfied will be able to fly on holiday in exotic Zanzibar. The limitation on the number of countries is due to the fact that the flights should be renewed on a mutual basis, and for example, the EU is not yet ready. However, in Italy or France, you can now try to get through London: a ban on entry for flights arriving from Russia, not Russians themselves.

Russia has suspended international regular and Charter flights from March 27. After the situation with coronavirus has begun to stabilize, airlines tried to access pre-sale tickets first June, then July. But all their attempts turned out to be a false start. Rosaviatsia has regularly renewed the ban (last time it happened was July 2, when restrictions are extended until the beginning of August). All this time abroad you can get special export flights and subject to compliance with the government requirements. Released the owners of second passports and a residence permit, citizens departing to study or treatment and also those who have relatives in need of care. Officially, the negotiations on the resumption of regular flights was launched on 10 July, but just recently the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that there’s no progress. However, according to him, the Kremlin is addressing the issue of open borders, all decisions based on the recommendations of the headquarters for the fight against coronavirus infection will be taken by the government.

Mikhail Mishustin announced the resumption of flights at the Cabinet meeting on Friday. Despite the fact that this post was doomed to become the news of the day, burying all the other reason, the Prime Minister in the money. From the great opening speech, the air travel has only devoted two sentences. “From August 1 will run international flights from the airports of Moscow, the Moscow region, St. Petersburg and Rostov-on-don. This decision will also allow us to expedite the return of citizens from abroad”, – said the Prime Minister.

the details of the decision made by the government at the briefing explained Vice-the Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova and transport Minister Eugene Dietrich. According Golikova, the first phase of air service resumes with only three countries not to provoke the emergence of new imported cases in Russia. This is the UK, which had not closed its borders, so to arrange reciprocity with her was not a problem. Turkey, which adopted two solutions: 1 Aug aircraft field��Yat to Ankara and Istanbul from the 10th of August in a resort town Antalya, Bodrum and Dalaman. And Tanzania, more precisely the island of Zanzibar. “This is a tourist route, which was also popular among certain categories of our citizens,” – said Golikova.

As reported earlier, for those who will fly to Russia regularly and not export a flight is cancelled the requirement to comply with the 14-day quarantine at home, or go with visual observation. According Golikova, the foreigners who arrive to our country from great Britain, Turkey and Zanzibar, must have a negative test for the coronavirus that is made not earlier than 72 hours. Russians returning Home, must also pass the test within 72 hours, but you can do it already at the place of residence.

the Head of Mantras Eugene Dietrich said that news about the resumption of flights with the first three countries will not be a surprise to carriers – they are ready for it. “Today they are officially notified of the flights in a number of cities, and the company will start selling the tickets” – he said. According to the Minister, for the Russian airports, where flights will fly, remove previously set restrictions on the admission of passengers from abroad (Earlier Moscow could not accept more than 500 persons in day, Saint-Petersburg and Rostov-on-don for 200 people). “Happy flight!” – wished the Russian Minister.

as for expansion of geography of flights, according to Dietrich, currently negotiations are underway with about 30 States. They start after the CPS and the operational headquarters will coordinate compliance with the epidemiological situation in a foreign state specified criteria. “It’s not over 40 new cases of coronavirus incidence per 100 thousand inhabitants, within 14 days, not more than 1% of the daily increase in new cases and a prevalence of no more than one”, – Golikova listed. Authorities have not disclosed which countries currently meet these requirements. Earlier it was reported that the Russians on a reciprocal basis, are ready tomorrow to take Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Maldives, Croatia, Egypt and UAE. According to Rosaviation, the favourable epidemiological situation is also observed in Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Finland, China, Vietnam, Mongolia and Sri Lanka.

However, the European Union has included Russia in the list of countries, where in the first stage may be allowed visits in the Schengen area. However, the prohibition applies to it arriving from Russia, not the Russians themselves as such. Therefore, upon resumption of communications with the UK citizens with British and Schengen visas will be able to plan a flight within the EU via London. When will resume flights directly is not clear. In the FRTVE hope that the EU will allow each country to decide with Russia on this issue. First on the list for the opening of the borders, sources “MK”, called nearest neighbours, Poland and Finland.

as for China, according to official data, the negotiations are: the Chinese foreign Ministry said it is ready to cooperate with Moscow “in case of security measures, measures for the prevention and control of” morbidity. However, action by the Chinese authorities have not yet seen. That’s why cities in the Far East was excluded from the list of airports, of which from 1 August you can fly abroad.

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