In Russia can forbid banks to use telephone calls to promote their credit products. With the corresponding initiative deputies of the lower house of the Russian Parliament, Ivan Sukharev.

writes About this on Thursday morning, RT. In the editorial office was a copy of the letter to the President of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina.

the MP in the letter notes that citizens are not always able to determine the telephone number from where the call is made, as call can how and legal Bank and microfinance institutions.

Personal data of clients of Bank, including account numbers and cards, can be exploited by attackers, warns MP.

Also, this method may cause problems if one calls with the offer of services are made systematically to the citizen, is not interested in obtaining a loan.

“I Ask you to consider limiting the use of banks and MFIs, phone calls to the citizens to promote their loan products, as well as the feasibility of introducing sanctions for a violation of this rule at the discretion of the Central Bank”, — says the MP.