Russia made a demarche to the US state Department

The representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova told about studying in the United States, the Russian schoolchildren who find themselves in difficult situation due to the pandemic coronavirus.

According to Zakharova, the US state Department informed the Russian Embassy in Washington that a number of training programmes to Russian high school students “in haste collapsed due to the pandemic.”

Zakharov drew attention that the Russian Embassy is unknown the exact number of children, as well as their place of stay. However, she said, the Embassy received requests for the repatriation of students who in the midst of a pandemic, “the organizers (of training programs) and the host family were literally turned away at the door.”

“I would Like to stress that the foreign Ministry was not informed about any programs that involve the removal of our schoolchildren in the United States. Their realization is no one is consistent. They were conducted secretly from the Russian authorities,” – said Zakharov, adding that in a critical situation “the Scam came to light”.

Currently, Russian diplomats find out the exact number, names and children’s names, their location, the names of the educational institutions where they studied, the contact data of those who were responsible for the children’s stay in the United States.

“also Demanded explanations, on what basis did the Americans exported them from Russia. Made appropriate representations to the us state Department and the American Embassy in Moscow. Substantive response yet”, – said Zakharov.

As reported by “Rambler” in the United States confirmed more than 584 thousand cases of infection by the coronavirus, has killed more than 23700 people.