Vladimir Putin

this morning, 67-year-old President of Russia Vladimir Putin during a meeting with members of the government said that Russia was was the world’s first vaccine against coronavirus. Putin noted that it is very effective and creates a stable immunity:

as far As I know, this morning was the world’s first vaccine against the new coronavirus infection. It works quite effectively, forms a stable immune system and, again, passed all the necessary checks

he said.

in addition, the head of state said that the vaccination has already made one of his daughters (which he did not specify).

In this sense, she participated in the experiment. After the first vaccination temperature she was 38, the next day 37, and all,

the President added.

According to the head of the Ministry of health of Michael Murashko, the vaccine has shown high efficacy and safety.

According to the results of the vaccine showed high efficacy and safety. All the volunteers developed high titers of antibodies to COVID-19, while none of them noted serious complications of immunization. According to the examination results, clinical studies experts of the Ministry of health issued the report, and today the decision on the state registration of the vaccine for the prevention of novel coronavirus infection was developed by the Center of Gamaliel,

— said Murashko.

today in Russia for the first time was less than five thousand new cases COVID-19. Nevertheless, the situation with coronavirus in the world continues to remain difficult.