Russia is ready to take canceled because of the coronavirus world Cup short track

the Russian skating Union (TFR) expressed the desire to hold cancelled in South Korea due to the outbreak of coronavirus, the world Cup short track in Russia.

“the Initiative to hold a world championship short track in Russia – it is only our desire, but we are ready to work on this issue with the Ministry of sport and the international Federation. While it is our desire and personal initiative, but I hope that she will find support,” said Executive Director of the Russian skating Union (TFR) Varvara Barysheva.

on Wednesday it became known that the international skating Union (ISU) has moved because of the coronavirus the world championship, scheduled in South Korea from March 13 to 15. The Seoul city government ordered the closure of the venue – the stadium “Mokdong” and mark all of the planned competition

the ISU is ready to consider the question of postponement of the tournament or move it to another location if circumstances permit to do it at the appropriate time.

“Officially, the international skating Union announced that the world Cup cannot be held in South Korea. In the near future in the operating mode, they will tell us whether this tournament is postponed to a later date and held in a different country or completely cancelled. While in standby mode,” said Barysheva.

According to the latest data, in the Republic of Korea was 1146 cases of infection with coronavirus in 12 deaths. The majority of the cases recorded in the city of Daegu and the neighboring province of Gyeongsangbuk-Do.