I Once flew on Board the “Lufthansa” with a group of German students returning to Germany after the holidays. When he came down from the ladder, a few girls separated from the crowd and falling on his knees, began to kiss the ground. Not pretending, not for a selfie, and sincerely rejoicing in the meeting with the homeland. Their eyes glowed from the overflowing of emotions and feelings.

to Submit a picture somewhere in the “Sheremetyevo” and “Domodedovo” is impossible. At the exit of the plane you are greeted with sullen guards, which I want to get past. The guards respond in kind, seeing the hostile look. Ordinary people are quite reticent on sentiment. Especially “the servants of the sovereign”, and most of the country. As life shows, these feelings are mutual.

at the end of last century arose and quietly strengthened a critical look at all domestic. Especially on the history of Bolshevism and its leaders. Many see history only in a negative context. There were these trends not today and not yesterday, and had accumulated over decades. Just now you can not hide, do not put on a stake or in the dungeon.

to instill in the younger generation respect for their home, it takes time and effort. First and foremost, care about people, individually. No appeals and slogans to convince it is impossible, I feel!

In the middle of the last century, Russia was considered the second country in the world. Not only by technical progress or weapons, but also social achievements. Gradually growing population, life expectancy, improved health indicators for children and adults. Although the welfare of ordinary people is not the main. The Communist leaders had another secret and all-consuming dream — “catch up and overtake America!” remained a dream!

At present, democratic government the goal was more modest — to catch up with at least… Portugal (not necessarily even to overtake. — Ed.). But with this problem, apparently, managed not really. According to the British analytical center Legatum Institute, our country had been two years ago, the 96-th place in terms of life of the citizens, exactly between Rwanda and Kenya. If there’s an improvement today, it is not much.

of course, you Can tell from the TV screens on the ever-growing greatness and stunning success! But this bravado amuses mostly the ego of the lumpen or the ignorant. A measure of greatness — not only in GDP or mysterious savings in foreign banks, but also in the well-being of citizens, their sense of happiness, peace of mind for their future and the future of children. All this affects the mood of people, their health and life expectancy.

paradoxically, many social achievements “of the inhumane Soviet regime” (a full and free education, medicine, pensions), the country began to decline under the current, like a democratic government.

moreover, fell back on all other fronts and flanks. Overgrown with Hogweed millions of hectares of arable land shrank livestock, killing orchards and vineyards have disappeared, the stock of seed, left on the scrap tens of thousands of businesses, including city-forming.

our eyes disappeared from the map tens of thousands of villages and small towns. And the people in the major who had the opportunity, long-piled for the European hills. Where same-sex marriage, gay parades, utter lack of spirituality and no braces. But the Russian elite somehow fell in love with the den and the coven.

it is Obvious that the grandiose project of rebuilding the old Soviet economy and transition to market economy (the so proud of the members of the Gaidar Cabinet) was not very successful. Moreover, the experiment failed. Otherwise it could not be. None of the young Gaidar did not have the soul of managerial experience, in addition to self-confidence and ambition. But without practice all these qualities are useless and even dangerous.

Maybe it’s time for us to stop looking for a special Messianic way, and to borrow the other most successful experience or the development model. For example, a small Scandinavian countries — Norway, Finland, Sweden, where almost the world’s highest salaries and pensions, and the average life expectancy is almost 20 years higher than in Russia. That is, people still as much as two decades can enjoy life, traveling the world and doing personal stuff. However, Finance Minister Siluanov also encouraged our seniors in what does not refuse, announcing an increase of monthly pension for the whole… a Grand!

of Course, over the last decade in the country, much has changed: there is no war, no terrorism, there is no shortage, the threat of collapse of the country too. In this we are daily trying to convince television programs and talk shows, contests, songs and dances.

But the joy of all this, people somehow do not feel. Recently a well-known producer wondered why the Russians are evil and unkind? Why not rejoice in the successes of artists like in the West? That is, it is not enough that they are fabulously rich, and the masses terribly poor. Want more admired for their wealth and luxury, rarely earned fair and square.

the Great McCartney, even in his youth gave only 30-40 concerts a year. But it was a live show, with a live voice and orchestra. Paul Jaimovich late seventies. Today, he will give odds to any powerful and virtuosic vocals. Except for Alexander Gradsky, Valery Kipelov or Sharip Umkhanov.

Their less gifted colleagues give three concerts per day with phonogram. It is called “Sanchez”. And the poor citizens of dostayut from your skinny moshny last rubles for the happiness to witness these “gods” to bring down the mouth to the sounds of Studio tracks. And then others are so lazy that don’t always get into the beat of the music.

Well, as living representatives of this cultural elite, not plywood? As the paid work of scientists and intellectuals who know and revere in the West (unlike the artists whose names they never heard and their songs)? How do I pay for the invaluable work of doctors, teachers and representatives of other professions? The question is obvious: they languish. There can be no multimillion-dollar real estate business jet or private yachts which boast pop stars and television in the pages of glossy magazines. Brand sure that it is their personal merit, their work and talent. However, forbid them to sing on the record, as is customary elsewhere in the world, and all voiceless pop music extinct as the mammoth. This does not apply to great Valeriya, Polina Gagarina, wringing, Svitlana Loboda, Gregory Leps and other true and real talents. Without tens or hundreds of others, probably will cost the country. As well as without shocking Zvereva, Gauguin Solntsev, vulgar and scandalous TV shows.

But unlikely to survive at least a day without the millions of Russian workers, surviving on a pittance, without those pumps oil and gas, who protects the land, sea and airspace. Those who teach and nurture our children. Who rescues from diseases, exposing themselves to mortal danger, as during the recent pandemic. Thanks to them alive, our country and ourselves, not because of the fattening representatives of show business.

a Short experience of recent decades shows that capitalism, the free market or so-called sovereign democracy is not really applicable in Russia. It’s not even the fact that the conductors of those reforms, our political leaders, have failed. The problem is deeper — the free market, cynical and predatory, alien to human nature. Because everything went as promised, lulling our vigilance, young reformers. The winner turned out their surroundings, which later respectfully called “oligarchs.” During the crisis and subsequent pandemic wellbeing has grown to tens of billions of dollars. In the meantime, hundreds of thousands of citizens of Russia stand with outstretched hand, humiliating asking for help for seriously ill children. In the eyes of the world. This is the face, or rather, a predatory grin of Russian capitalism!

no matter what Anyone said, be honest: who of you is relaxed that you and your loved ones for a peaceful future? That your life, and old age provided? Swiss or Norwegian standards, not simanovskis. Not one will have to go with the wallet on the world? Such confidence, unfortunately, no one, Yesalso the Russian bourgeoisie.

do you Know why in the world there is mass migration from England, France, USA, Canada or Australia? Why their citizens are fleeing to other countries and on other continents, and Vice versa — a happy return to their native land, like those German students? Because I did not feel at home outcasts. And once in a strange celebration of life as we!