the Russian Embassy sent a protest note to the US state Department due incident with a Russian journalist who suffered from the actions of the police during the riots in Minneapolis. This was stated by Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov.

the Diplomat said that representatives of the press “loud and clear” identified themselves, showed the relevant documents and markings on the clothes, however, were subjected to unacceptable treatment by law enforcement.

— In this outrageous fact to the state Department sent a note of protest. We demanded to conduct a thorough investigation and inform us of its results, — said Antonov on his page on Facebook.

the Ambassador also added that the American colleagues from the media have not expressed public sympathy to the injured Russian.

Antonov said that the diplomatic mission will be to ensure that the incident was taken into account and considered by human rights organizations, responsible for the safety of members of the press.

Earlier it was reported that during the riots the police in Minneapolis fired tear spray against members of the crew of the TV channel VICE and the correspondent of RIA “news” Michael Turgiev. In addition, in Washington the Russian journalist injured in the shelling protesters with pepper balls.