The creation of a U.S. counterpart of the Russian security units of the RD-180 will not result in a significant loss of budget. This was stated by first Deputy head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Vladimir dzhabarov, reports “Interfax”.

The Senator believes that, “if the Americans have created such engines, then that’s fine, they went to this”. In addition, dzhabarov noted that the exemption from the need to buy Russian RD-180 is unlikely to open the way for new U.S. sanctions. “Space — an area that is still alone there’s nothing to do,” he added.

As previously reported, the company Blue Origin put the Alliance United Launch Alliance (ULA), the first rocket engine BE-4, created to replace the Russian power unit of the RD-180. A matching engine for first stage heavy rocket, the Vulcan posed for a replacement vehicle Atlas V with the Russian RD-180, arrived in Alabama in July.