Russia has replaced ambassadors of the five permanent members of the UN security Council

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accepted the credentials of 23 ambassadors. For the first time in Russian history, at the same time gave way to diplomatic representatives of five major world powers — permanent members of the UN Security Council.

it All starts not even at the threshold of the Palace, where the Kremlin guards. The administration of the President traditionally sends a separate machine for each of the ambassadors. And there are now an unprecedented number — at once from twenty-three countries.

the Ceremony is fulfilled to trifles. On the main staircase, both sides of which a guard of honor, ambassadors one by one climb in the Grand Kremlin Palace.

On the second floor they are met by the Protocol service.

But everything is happening so fast that Iran’s representative was forced to brush up on the move, a diplomat from Morocco corrects glasses. This is a real parade — size wide Alexander hall is not enough.

the Ambassadors lined up in a row, and here, too, it is essential to comply with diplomatic Protocol. They are not as in army rank, not alphabetically as the names in the school magazine; the first certainly is the one who used to come to Russia — is not only date but also time of arrival.

his Credentials to the Russian President they hand in the same order. Attention Moroccan in djellaba, Berber outfit with a hood, Cambodian, in white jacket with gold epaulettes and crimson breeches, Ambassador of New Zealand in a poncho in the style of Maiori. This is the traditional national costumes.

Such events are also an opportunity to hear from the President about foreign policy. Vladimir Putin waits until all wear headphones with the translation.

the President in his speech, pays attention to each of the 23 countries. With all we have friendly relationships and mutual plans.

for the First time in the country’s history changed once all diplomatic representatives of the countries “Big five” permanent members of the Council Withoutsecurity UN — those of the victorious powers in the Second world war. The Russian President will be glad to see in Moscow and heads of state, at the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the great Victory.

After the ceremony — an informal chat with glasses of champagne in hand. During these conversations sometimes solved the questions at official meetings to address did not. Putin fits the Chinese Ambassador conveys greetings from their leader.

Of the ambassadors many are fluent in Russian, it is mostly professional diplomats of the level of the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs. February 5, changed sixth of the entire diplomatic corps, represented in the Russian capital. It was after presenting his credentials to every one of them got the official status.