Every day America deals in Russia tens and even hundreds of propaganda attacks. And one of these strikes unexpectedly proved to be very effective – or, at least, captured the imagination of Russians. “The United States accused the Russian Federation of printing counterfeit currency is a billion dollars for Libya,” shout the headlines. Cry – and very much deceived. About any manufacturer in our country of counterfeit currency for Libya it really is not. We are talking about diametrically opposed interpretations of what is happening in staying in a constant state of anarchy the oil state. And yet – on the old as the world the debate about how, when and under what conditions the king can be considered naked.

when writing this material, I very long could not decide where to start: with what happened in Libya (or rather, close to Libya) in reality, or how this event was interpretirovany. A million apologies for the fact that I ship you with the details of the journalistic cuisine. But in this case these details are important. The story of “a billion counterfeit dollars are” extremely important from two points of view. From the point of view of what is “rotten in the Libyan Kingdom” and from the point of view of what techniques modern information war.

let’s Start from the beginning. In the night of Saturday on the website of the U.S. state Department brief but very damning statement: “the United States welcomes the announcement by the government of Malta of may 26, the forfeiture of $ 1.1 billion fake Libyan currency printed by the Russian state-owned JSC “Gosznak” by the order of illegitimate parallel organization. In Tripoli, the Libyan Central Bank is the only legal Central Bank in the country. The influx of counterfeit of the Libyan currency printed in Russia, exacerbated the economic problems of Libya. This incident once again underlines the necessity of ending Russia’s vicious and destabilizing actions in Libya.”

Damning indictment, isn’t it? But the extent of his murderous drastically reduced, as soon as you begin to understand the details of the incident. Question on filling: how many now Livy? Formally, Libya is only one, but in reality they, at least, two. Is Libya headed by the Prime Minister of the national consensus Government with the Faiz Sarraj, who lodges in the city of Tripoli and enjoys the support of the Americans. And there is Libya headed by the Supreme commander of the national army, field Marshal Khalifa Haftarot that lodges in the city of Tobruk and is considered a friend of Moscow. These two governments are desperately conflict with each other, calling his opponent “ an illegitimate parallel organization.”

Which of the ��quiet two kings naked, and some dressed? Long petal to find the answer to this question, I came to a discouraging conclusion. The latter is absolutely legal and legitimate ruler of Libya should be regarded as of king Idris, who was overthrown by Muammar Gaddafi in 1969 in a military coup. Legitimacy existed in the country until 2011 the Gaddafi regime is very questionable. Funny Colonel, not only was the owner extremely strange habits ( according to the many times he took an interview with famous English broadcasters John Simpson, during such contacts with the Western media, Gaddafi considered it his duty very loud fart). Gaddafi was a bloody and brutal dictator who rules on behalf of the Libyan people, “forgetting” to ask the opinion of the people.

the Legitimacy of two competing “successor Gaddafi” is also based on very fragile grounds. Haftar ruled with the blessing of the Libyan Parliament, which has fled to Tobruk from Tripoli. And Sarraj is based on the “international ( read, American) recognition” of his regime. Thus it is clear: the calls for “democratic legitimacy” in the context of Libya – is a Convention, a Fig leaf. In the country for that year’s civil war, the outcome of which will decide naked force. And as this force can not “make the decision” – Fortuna on the field fighting constantly rotated back to Saraju, the Haftarah – the legality of certain Libyan regime depends entirely on the perspective of who’s looking.

Libyan dinars for Printing the Haftarot, Russia, from his point of view, there were perfectly legal. Declaring these bills are fake, America, from his point of view, are also perfectly legal. The difference in the positions of the two countries is only in the fact that in this particular geopolitical battle luck was on the side of the US. Pushing the government of Malta, America was able at first to lay hands on printed in Moscow, the money, and then skillfully “information selling” the event to a global audience. From the first reports on this subject in some very “liberal-minded” Russian media it was possible to conclude that the Kremlin was caught by the hand for the “chasing” whether counterfeit currency, or counterfeit euros.

Here is suddenly released kotovasiya to Saturday – usually dead in terms of information, the day of the week. What conclusions can we make? Again, it just depends on your point of view. It can be concluded that next time banknotes from Moscow Haftarot should not send civilian cargo transport through Malta, and, for example, on military aircraft. And we can conclude that it was wrong on the night of Saturday “without regaining consciousness”, read the statement of the US state Department. I’ll never know what�� these findings should be considered correct.