Russia will not raise taxes, unlike the countries that handed out “helicopter money”, said the head of Federal tax service (FTS) of Russia Daniil Egorov in the program “Posner” on channel one.”We are very often criticized the fact that we didn’t distribute “helicopter money”, and it seems to me that he laughs best who laughs last… I think it’s very important how a long-term Outlook, we can calculate the forces, because it is very easy to have everything to hand, and what would we do in a month, two, three, five? And all you need to understand that this money is in any case always need to be returned to the state… Now their concern is to care, how to raise taxes. Today it is not our issue,” said Mr. Egorov (quoted by TASS).Earlier today, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin reported that a national plan to rebuild the economy, employment and incomes after the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 ready and will be released in the Kremlin today. In the draft economic recovery plan was laid about 8 trillion rubles, reported Vedomosti, citing a draft document. Read more about the development of the plan in column observer “Kommersant FM” “On the virus is not blamed”.