the Federal Centers biomedical Agency (FMBA) of Russia, the host of patients with coronavirus COVID-19, found atypical course of the disease. Two cases of coronavirus emerged serous peritonitis (inflammation in the abdominal cavity).

the Agency reported that both patients were hospitalized “with typical clinical manifestations of” COVID-19, but in the process of treating them “there was a negative dynamics in the form (symptoms) of acute abdomen, increase in body temperature”.

“these symptoms are an indication for emergency surgery. Patients underwent diagnostic laparoscopy, which identified a pattern of ascites the presence of fluid in the abdominal cavity. Thus, according to the survey results two patients can assume a new version COVID-19 occurring with the clinical picture of serous peritonitis”, — told the Agency.

According to experts of Agency, the inflammation of the peritoneum in the coronavirus can occur as a systemic response to viral infection. This can lead to “pathological changes in microvessels” and “aseptic inflammation of some serous membranes”.

For the last day in the country identified 9974 new cases of infection COVID-19, the total number of infected exceeded 252 thousand 13 may in Russia was issued 100-year-old patient.