German newspaper Die Welt published an article that expressed atypical for contemporary Western European conviction that now nothing will prevent “Gazprom” to avoid sanctions the United States and to complete the project “Nord stream-2”. The fact is, says the German newspaper that the ship-laying vessel “Akademik Chersky”, until recently belonged to the Russian gas concern, has changed the owner. Accordingly, “Gazprom” do not worry about it. However, according to the authoritative edition, the Russian ship will have to take a break in July and August: at this time, work in the Baltic sea banned due to cod spawning. But do not mistake the Lee Die Welt in their statements?

American presidents have always defended the products produced in the U.S. alone contributed to sales of Boeing, other soybean. But the determination with which Donald trump is fighting for liquefied natural gas, seeking at any cost, even to threats of sanctions to impose its Europe, charm, writes Die Welt. And yet the head of the White house barely able to block the “Nord stream-2” – a rival Russian gas route. First, because Russia has almost reached its goal laid out 2300 2460 kilometers of pipeline. Second, it is able to complete the ship “Akademik Chersky” is derived from the blow of us sanctions. In 2016 it operated “a daughter” “Gazprom” OOO “Gazprom FLOT”, but recently became the property of the Samara thermal power asset Fund (STIF).

In late April the ship arrived in the port of Mukran on the largest German island of rügen in the Baltic sea, where the logistics terminal operator “Nord stream-2”. And on may 1 it went to the spot where you left off tubing – near the island of Bornholm in the exclusive economic zone of Denmark.

the German edition of something is wrong, says the energy expert of the Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation Igor Yushkov. According to him, the text of the document on sanctions against contractors “Nord stream-2” spelled out the situation: if you set the ship to another company, this trick will not save you. Accordingly, the previous owner of the “Academician Chersky”, in this case “Gazprom fleet”, could fall under the distribution. Another thing is that Gazprom is ready for such a scenario, it is much more important for him to finish the construction “Nord stream-2”, rather than some way to protect Americans from its subsidiary.

However, there is a risk that, if Washington imposes restrictive measures in respect of “Gazprom fleet” will suffer and the parent company. Therefore, the “Gazprom”, no sanctions are not yet encumbered, and not in a hurry to complete the project. He needs guarantees that it will not touch, and yet he waits. However, this situation cannot continuehuddle endlessly: it was assumed that work will resume in summer when the Baltic sea is the most calm weather, and pipe-laying ships can go at a maximum speed of penetration. The “academic plan” it is 2 kilometers per day, and the lay barge “Fortuna” – 1km. it is Not excluded that “Gazprom” considers the “Fortune”, which he never belonged, as a backup safety option in case of sanctions. To finish the construction “Nord stream-2” is able and it is, albeit slowly, says Yushkov.

Under any circumstances the United States will be the last to fight for the European gas market. They need to move on it Russia, to create a local shortage, increase prices and break-even in order to supply Europe with its LNG. As for cod spawning in July-August, referred to Die Welt, Yushkov does not see obstacles for underwater work. Last year, the laying of pipes on the Baltic sea and it rained all summer, why this should be different, the expert is perplexed.

Recall that the first sanction package against the “Nord stream-2” came into force in December 2019. The result is the Swiss contractor Allseas has left the project. A June 4, 2020, a group of American parliamentarians, including Republicans and Democrats, introduced a Senate bill to expand sanctions. The document provides for restrictions against any of the vessels engaged in laying pipes, as well as companies involved with insurance, maintenance, installing the special equipment.