In Russia fell tickets in several regions, including Krasnodar Krai and Dagestan. About it “” reported in the service for travel planning OneTwoTrip.

According to the service, most notably decreased the price of tickets to Sochi — the new price is 5800 rubles, 37 percent cheaper than in July. Also decreased the cost of flights to Makhachkala — 23 percent, to 4,700 rubles, and in Gelendzhik — 15 percent, to 6,200 rubles.

In the top decliners directions also included Izhevsk (ticket for August is 5300 rubles, 12 percent less than in July), Anapa (5800 rubles, down 12 percent), Nazran (3900 rubles, down 7 percent), Novosibirsk (7800 rubles, down 6 percent), Arkhangelsk (6200 rubles, down 6 percent), Yakutsk (19 600 rubles, down 5 percent), Simferopol (6900 rubles, down 4 percent).

Moscow Residents will be able to profitably fly to Makhachkala — the ticket price has dropped by 25 percent and now amounts to 4200 rubles. Flights to Izhevsk and Novosibirsk have become 20 per cent cheaper, on average they will have to pay 4000 and 5500 rubles, respectively. 15 percent decrease in prices in Simferopol (5500 rubles) and Noumea (5100 rubles). Tickets to Anapa fell by 12 per cent to 4,300 rubles. In addition, 7 percent decreased the cost of flights to Tyumen and now in August is 4300 rubles, 6 per cent in Kaliningrad (5300 rubles), 5% in Astrakhan (4,400 rubles) and 4 percent in Krasnoyarsk (6200 rubles).

For residents of St. Petersburg tickets in Astrakhan and Makhachkala fell by 26 percent and cost between 4700 and 5400 rubles rubles, respectively. Prices for flights to Anapa were lower by 16 percent (6,900 rubles), 12 percent in Nizhniy Novgorod (6000 rubles), 10% in Arkhangelsk (4600 rubles). More profitable were the tickets to Kirov (4600 rubles, down 8 percent), Simferopol (7300 rubles, down 8 percent), Ufa (5500 rubles, down 5 percent), Orenburg (8,500 rubles, below 3 percent), Kaliningrad (5400 rubles, below 2 percent).

Earlier it was reported that it is cheaper to buy tickets on Sunday, as on this day, their price is cheaper on average by 4 percent. Our experts search of tickets Skyscanner also recommended to take off on Friday because it is on average 20 percent cheaper than any other day of the week. In addition, it is not necessary to always buy round trip tickets from one airline — sometimes it would be cheaper to fly different.