Russian Deputy foreign Minister Alexander Grushko said that the decisions of the European court of human rights (ECHR) will be fulfilled by Russia only if they will not contradict the Constitution of the country.

“we are not Talking about the performance or non-performance of the solutions. Of course, the ECHR will continue to work will receive claims from Russian citizens. But to execute the decisions we will to the extent it is consistent with the Constitution of the Russian Federation”, — said Grushko in an interview to “Interfax”.

The diplomat explained that such provisions were prescribed in the laws of many countries, particularly the UK, Germany and Italy.

Grushko also answered the question about whether the Russians to rely on the ECHR decision in their favor and the payment of appropriate compensation. According to him, Russia ratified the European Convention for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms (ECHR), therefore, its provisions “are part of our domestic law”.

The diplomat stressed that “the enforcement of a conflict between the verdicts of the ECHR and the norms of the Constitution will be excluded”.

“There are a huge number of cases where the state parties declare that they are unable to fulfill all or part of the judgment, because they contradict one or another constitutional provisions,” — said Grushko.

Earlier reported that opposition politician Vladimir Milov and social activist Alyona Popova appealed to the ECHR because of the technology of mass face recognition at a protest in Moscow in 2019. This is the first such complaint in the practice of the ECHR, the human rights organization “Agora”, which lawyers conduct business.