Thursday in Innopolis Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin met with representatives of the IT industry. During the panel discussion, he explained to the audience the main trends in the support industry, including the features of the new tax regime, suggesting a substantial reduction in insurance premiums (from 14% to 7.6%) and profit tax (from 20% to 3%). These benefits, as explained by the Prime Minister, will be available for Russian companies, 90% of whose income comes from the sale of software and cloud services. Organizations implementing the rights to use the software and included in the special register, will be able to keep the zero rate of VAT.The renewal of the working visits of Prime Minister Mikhail mishustina, who was frozen in mid-March due to the spread of the coronavirus, began with a visit to Tatarstan. On Thursday Mikhail Mishustin visited the innovative science city near Kazan Innopolis, where he discussed with representatives of the IT industry the state of the industry in terms of coronaries. According to the Prime Minister, the government aims to create an “enabling environment for digital ecosystems” — it is necessary to facilitate access to infrastructure, financial instruments, and to remove barriers to trade and investment. As acknowledged by the Prime Minister, the current growth rate does not allow the industry to overcome the historically lagging behind the countries—technological leaders, and therefore, added Mr Mishustin, the authorities have developed a set of measures to support it.As explained by the Prime Minister, the work will focus on six areas: the Most talked about in recent times has become a fiscal unit — recall, promised by President Vladimir Putin, the tax maneuver in the IT-sphere implies the indefinite contribution rate reduction from 14% to 7.6% and profit tax from 20% to 3%. As said Mikhail Mishustin, the benefits will be granted to Russian companies, which 90% of revenue comes from the sale of software (SOFTWARE) and cloud services. Moreover, tax concessions on profits will be distributed, and in the design centers in the field of micro – and radio electronics.Concerns among representatives of the IT industry sparked the idea of the Ministry of communications to cancel in January 2021 in the framework of the maneuver to zero VAT on the sale of exclusive rights to the software and right to use under license agreements. However, the Prime Minister Mishustin explained that the existing VAT exemption will apply to the exercise of the rights to use the software that will be included in a special registry. During the panel discussion was and suggestions of the representatives of the IT industry — thus, the founder of 1C Boris Nuraliev invited to extend these benefits to the Russian company, which�� operate in international markets. According to him, this will improve the competitiveness of Russian jurisdiction.As said Mikhail Mishustin, they will have to develop their programmes of digital transformation, which provides for the priority use of Russian, they will be considered by the state Commission for digital development. Also, Mr. Mishustin announced the allocation of 20 billion rubles until 2024 to further grants of the Russian IT-companies to develop new products up to 250 million rubles per year, if they cover no more than half of the expenses of such companies. This year due to the coronavirus, the proportion of costs that can cover the grants will be increased to 80%.Evgenia Kryuchkova, Kazan