President Vladimir Zelensky said that Russia can not demand anything from Ukraine. He said this to journalists on Saturday in the Odessa region, attributed to commenting on Moscow’s offer to provide the draft on the special status of Donbass until Monday.

"first, no one from the Ukraine can not demand anything, we are an independent country. I think that all need to work on rhetoric. Moreover, it is an international rhetoric" said Zelensky.

On Friday in Berlin, a meeting of political advisors of the heads of States "Norman Quartet" (Germany, Russia, Ukraine and France). Before the portal of Der Spiegel reported that allegedly the Russian side insists that Kiev until July 6 in the contact group presented a draft to amend the Constitution in order to consolidate the special status of Donbass and "unconditionally" to provide a list held in the DNI and LC individuals for possible subsequent exchange. While Der Spiegel referred to the informal working paper of the Russian delegation, who allegedly admitted to the order of publication and the London Dossier Center.

As to the meeting of the advisers of the leaders of the "Normandy format" on 3 July in Berlin, Zelensky said that he is not ready to comment on its results, but he knows that it went well. "I’m not ready to comment on the meeting in Berlin. Know very well the meeting went, in detail. There is nothing more yet to comment. We will have a meeting with [head of the office of the President Andrew] Ermak. Today we arrived in Odessa and more details not discussed the issue with him", – said the President.


Previously, the office of the Ukrainian President said that the meeting of councillors "one step closer to the summit in Berlin". In a statement, the Ukrainian side also argues that "the Russian side has taken a pause for response to a consolidated position of Ukraine, France and Germany". It does not specify on what issue generated such a position.

However, the Deputy head of the presidential administration Dmitry Kozak stated after talks in Berlin that the breakthrough for them was not achieved. In particular, "failed to obtain from Ukraine a clear, coherent answer as to when prepared this document for amendments to the Constitution in terms of decentralization," as stipulated by the Minsk agreements.

Dmitry Kozak also said that, although "there have been attempts to define a specific date "channel summit" at the highest level," to talk about a specific date for such a meeting "is still very-very early" because of the need to do a lot of work to implement the decisions of the previous summit in Paris. First and foremost it’s got to do�� the Ukrainian side, which should take dozens of laws and harmonize them with the Donbass, said Dmitry Kozak.

At the same time, he indicated that he was able to "get closer to what should be adopted additional measures to stop the shootings".