the Disinfectants in aerosol packing, produced in Russia, will be delivered in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Gulf countries. The contract was signed in the framework of international cooperation with the assistance of the Ministry of industry and trade.

currently, the export from the customs territory of the Eurasian economic Union, disinfectants, masks, respirators and personal protective equipment when there is confirmation of the authorized body of a member state of the Eurasian economic Union. In Russia the decision on the export of goods and the issuance of relevant confirmations accepts the Ministry of industry and trade.

“At the moment we were able to saturate the Russian market of personal protective equipment, disinfectants and medical products needed to fight the pandemic. Now you can start the export of such products. Industry companies are currently negotiating export supply contracts in a third country, and the Ministry of industry and trade have already received treatment companies for clarification of the procedure for obtaining target confirmation”, – said the Minister of industry and trade of Russia Denis Manturov.

the Production capacity of the manufacturer to produce around 500 million aerosols and more than 120 million pieces of disinfection in plastic packaging a year.

non-oil and non-energy exports – one of the main performance indicators of the national project “international cooperation and exports”. It is calculated till 2024, – reported in ANO “National priorities”.