The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov during his visit to Belgrade had a meeting with the interior Minister of Serbia, Nebojsa Stefanovich. Policy signed an agreement on combating terrorism.

Countries will interact with each other in combating this problem, said the head of the Russian foreign Ministry. According to him, thanks to the document security services of Serbia will firmly work with the FSO, the FSB and the Russian security Council, reports RIA Novosti.

We are signing an important agreement on cooperation in the fight against terrorism. It will provide a solid legal base between our services, including foreign terrorists, who are spreading their ideology, including in the Balkans, the diplomat noted.

Stefanovic added that the agreement will facilitate the exchange of information between law enforcement agencies that will ensure the effective protection of the interests of the two countries. He is sure that the agreement is an important Chapter in the relations of States.

Earlier, as he wrote Lavrov said he intends to discuss the U.S. initiative on the meeting of the leaders of Serbia and Kosovo during his visit to Belgrade. The Minister added that in the negotiation process between Serbia and Kosovo many intermediaries.