a Disclaimer Merkel to accept the invitation of trump at the summit of the Big seven became the next episode in a series of examples of the complex relationship between leaders, are confident the authors of “the Political”. During a telephone conversation between them there was sharp disagreement on the issues of NATO and the “Northern stream — 2”.

The U.S. President wants to hold this landmark event, but the Chancellor of Germany “cannot accept” the invitation due to the ongoing pandemic.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel declined the invitation, Donald trump to attend the summit of the group of seven, which the American President seeks to turn a symbol of a return to normal life after coronavirus crisis.

“the Federal Chancellor thanked the President of trump for the invitation to the summit of the group of seven, which will be held in late June in Washington. Today, given the overall situation with the pandemic, it could not agree to their own participation and travel to Washington,” — said the representative of the government of Germany Steffen Seibert (Steffen Seibert) on Friday, may 29.

“Of course, it will monitor the situation with the pandemic.”

The refusal of Merkel to accept the invitation of trump became the next episode in a series of examples of the complex relationship between these two leaders. Trump has repeatedly criticized Germany and Merkel in particular for a variety of reasons, starting with the trade surplus of Germany and to its contributions to the NATO budget. Merkel has publicly expressed his disagreement with the unilateral approach of the administration to trump a number of foreign policy issues, from climate change to Iran nuclear deal.

During a telephone conversation this week between trump and Merkel arose sharp disagreements on a number of issues, including NATO, the “North stream — 2”, which connects Russia and Germany, as well as relations with China. This was reported by one senior us official, who declined to give his name. The representative of the German government zaybert not reported whether their conversation was tense.

The white house has not commented on the situation at the time of publication of this article.

The refusal of Merkel to personally attend the summit of the group of seven may undermine attempts by trump to imagine this summit as a landmark event that will draw a line under the period of Loktionov and prohibitions on movement imposed to combat the pandemic coronavirus.

Trump canceled the holding of this summit in March because of the crisis and said that instead, he organized a videoconference. But in his tweet of may 20, he wrote that he might take the summit, adding: “This will be a great signal for all — normalization!”

This week, the White house said that the summit scheduled to be held in late June in Washington, not in residence, camp David, kuYes, trump has postponed the event after a surge of discontent in connection with his desire to spend it on his private resorts in Miami.

“the President believes that the best example of a return to normalcy will be the summit of the Big seven here,” — said the press Secretary of the White house Makanani Kayleigh (Kayleigh McEnany) on Tuesday, may 26.

“We will protect those world leaders who come here, just like we protect those who work in the White house — said Makanani. — We want the summit was held. We believe that it will take place. While foreign leaders support this idea.”

But Merkel, who was educated research scientist, said that, from her point of view, June is still too soon to a big event given the fact that the virus continues to spread, and experts are urged to remain vigilant and observe social distance, despite the gradual reopening of the economies.

Officials, knowledgeable about the discussions, said that trump was furious because of the unwillingness of Merkel to attend the summit and that on Thursday, may 28, in a fit of irritation he called the President of France Emmanuel Makron to.

Commenting on a telephone conversation trump and Macron, the White house announced: “President trump and President Makron discussed the progress in the fight against coronavirus and progress in the resumption of the world economies. The leaders agreed on the importance of holding a summit of the group of seven in the near future. President trump and President Makron also discussed important issues of world politics and bilateral relations.”

Sources familiar with the discussions, reported that Merkel also opposed the holding of the summit of EU leaders in Brussels on June 19 and said that the negotiations face-to-face must be resumed not earlier than July.

EU countries urgently need to agree on a new budget for seven years, which should enter into force on 1 January and which now includes a huge aid package needed to overcome the economic impact of the pandemic. According to most leaders, such agreement can be achieved only if you manage to collect all the leaders in one room.

Although officials claim that the unwillingness of Merkel to attend the summit of the group of seven is primarily due to the specific epidemiological situation, they also believe that the leaders of the group of seven countries are concerned that trump can use their visit to take good photos necessary for him ahead of presidential elections, and to declare the return of the world economy to normal — of course, thanks to his efforts.

According to officials, until they see virtually ��ikak features of traditional training, which is always preceded by the summits of the group of seven and which includes a detailed discussion of the programme and intensive discussions regarding the wording in the formal outcome documents. It is expected that these negotiations will be particularly intense given the differences between trump and the other leaders of the group of seven on a range of issues, including trade and climate change.

According to one official, not enough careful preparation enhances the anxiety of European leaders about the potential negative political consequences of travel in the United States — especially considering the fact that while they have no opportunity to meet in person in Brussels to discuss their Affairs.

Merkel, who in July will be 66 years old, ranked second in the list of the most older leaders of the group of seven after trump, who will soon turn 74. Together with the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe, they are at risk in a pandemic coronavirus infection.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is 55 years old, is the only of the leaders of the group of seven, who had been ill сovid-19 — he even got to the ICU.

Commenting on a telephone conversation trump and Johnson, which took place on Friday, may 29, representatives of Downing Street, 10, said: “with regard to the upcoming summit of the group of seven, the Prime Minister and the President discussed the importance of the personal meetings of the leaders, if it is possible.”

Macron said that he would like to go to this summit. 2 Jun France will mitigate a large part of the quarantine restrictions, and travel within the European Union will resume on June 15. However, the ban on aimless trips to EU countries citizens of countries outside its membership, will continue, and the decision on his waiver or extension is not expected before mid-June.

Abe also expressed readiness to go to the summit, but Japanese media reported that, under current rules, after returning to Tokyo, he should spend 14 days in quarantine. The Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte (Giuseppe Conte) also expressed their readiness to go to Washington as Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau. European Council President Charles Michelle (Charles Michel) said that he, too, is ready to go, if health will allow.

However, in private conversation, one official familiar with the situation said that European leaders support Merkel will not go to the summit of the trump, if Merkel considers it a bad idea.