Russia and China discussed joint struggle against the COVID-19

the Head of Rospotrebnadzor called the “brothers in arms” in opposing the spread of a new type of coronavirus, stressing Russia’s willingness to further strengthen cooperation with China in anti-epidemic area. According to her, China has proven the effectiveness of its measures to combat COVID-19, Russia has closely studied the Chinese experience.

Photo: REUTERS China spent $ 14 billion to combat coronavirus

Anna Popova has reminded that Russia has introduced stringent measures to counteract the spread of the disease, stressing that they are temporary. All decisions on the screening of passengers, placing them, if necessary, quarantine apply equally to Russians and visitors from other countries. According to Popova, in the framework of sanitary measures for the prevention COVID-19 now in Russia under observation are of the order of 30 thousand people, and only a third of them are citizens of the PRC. She urged the Chinese Embassy to actively contribute to advocacy, halfway to being on the territory of Russia Chinese citizens the need to comply with anti-epidemic rules.

Chinese Ambassador to Russia Zhang Hongwei, in turn, recalled that the peak of the epidemic in China has passed. He expressed hope that Russia will soon amend or remove the restrictive measures on the entry of Chinese citizens. The diplomat said that China was sympathetic to Russia undertaken by the sanitary and quarantine measures. According to him, the Embassy through its channels informs in Russia of citizens of China on the relevant activities of the authorities and requests to comply with the existing rules. So, on February 28, the Chinese Embassy published in theValo just two posts, in which Chinese citizens are encouraged to “follow the rules and cooperate with the authorities in the process of inspection and quarantine”. “The Russian side stressed that relations with China are a priority in the national foreign policy that Russia values its friendship and cooperation with China. Anti-epidemic measures in Moscow are not just for Chinese citizens”, – stated in the message of the Embassy.

Many living in Moscow, the Chinese are sympathetic to the anti-epidemic measures of the authorities. Student RUDN Zhou Nan told “RG” in her University under a quarantine was placed around 150 students returning from the Christmas holidays from China. “Under the quarantine zone was allocated three floors of the hostel, but after quarantine the students twice a day to check the temperature of the commandant until March 2. Under the quarantine was bored, but everyone knew that it’s necessary,” says Zhou. “I think Muscovites behave correctly. Of course, there is a small part of those who are panicking and afraid – but not enough of them,” said a student.

Photo: the Newspaper China has developed a vaccine against coronavirus

the media flashed reports that in Moscow the citizens of China in some cases have hindered the use of transport – not allowed in the subway, the bus. The mayor’s office officially confirmed that any orders about restrictions on movement in the city of the Chinese, of course, and there was not. If any incidents took place, it came from ordinary citizens. By the way, were the media reports about situations where the passengers rudely behaved in transport in relation to ROSthe siyan, wearing a mask, suspecting that those sick. So if “coronavirus discrimination” sometimes appears – that applies not only to citizens of the PRC.

the Attitude of China and the Chinese in the epidemic has not changed. In social networks there is no mass references to boycott Chinese restaurants, there are no requirements for the expulsion from the city of Chinese citizens. On the contrary, everyone with whom we spoke in connection with the epidemic in China, expressed the sympathy and support of the Chinese people, the authors of the publication.

moreover, in Moscow there is a growing campaign to “Isolate the virus, not friendship.” To her, in particular, have already joined the Moscow zoo, where the symbols of Russian-Chinese friendship lived two imported from China Panda.