The head of the National centre for counterintelligence and security of the United States William Evanina claims that Russia allegedly trying to “demonize” the former Vice-President of the USA Joseph Biden.

Evanina said that Moscow “uses a range of measures in the first place to denigrate” Biden and “what it considers anti-establishment”, reports TASS.

Counterintelligence believes that it is “consistent with the public criticism from Moscow” at the address of Biden for his role in the Obama administration “against Ukraine and support the anti-Putin opposition in Russia”.

While Evanina, trying to prove his statement, he cited the actions of Andrei Derkach, who was named the “Pro-Russian Ukrainian Deputy.” Evanina said that Derkach “spreading allegations of corruption, including through the publication of the leaks relating to the phone calls”. Such actions, in the opinion of counterintelligence, is to “undermine the candidacy of former Vice President Biden and the Democratic party.”

In addition, according to the head of the Central intelligence Agency, “associated with the Kremlin,” people “are trying to promote the candidacy of the President of trump in social networks and Russian television”.

The head of the press service of the national security Council at the White house, John Elliot stated that Washington “will not tolerate foreign interference” in the elections and respond to “hostile threats” from States, “which focused on democratic institutions” of the United States. Us authorities “are ready to meet foreign threats response, which will include a whole range of instruments of power of the state”.

Recall Evanina also said that China and Iran want to prevent the current President of the United States Donald Trump to win the election.