Rumas believes a balanced foreign trade of Belarus

In a crisis pandemic coronavirus Belarusian government according to the Prime Minister, focuses on the development of domestic industries. This Sergei Rumas said on April 23 at a meeting with the head of state, which was devoted to measures to ensure the stable operation of the economy and social sphere of the country.

First of all, the Prime Minister drew attention to the balance of foreign trade of the country. He cited the performance of their colleagues, noting, in particular, that a positive balance of trade in goods and services, two months of current year has made in the country $425 million

Admitting that “the rate of growth of GDP in the first quarter, down one percentage point from the quarterly forecast,” said the President, Rumas drew attention to the fact that he still was above all estimates – both external and internal.

by the Way, a positive contribution to the GDP, he said, has made the construction industry (106,3%), agriculture (104,5%), Informatization and communication (107,4%). A positive assessment was given by the head office and the branches of industry based on local raw materials, metallurgy, wood processing, pharmaceuticals. There is a plus, stated Rumas, and cement production (110%), and for the production of ceramic tiles (102%).

And for all the other sectors, according to the Prime Minister, there is positive dynamics, “in the oil industry, which began to grow only from April”, – he concluded.