How to take students on trips and to summer camp after the pandemic, determined the Ministry of transport. The Department prepared the rules of the organized transportation of children.

it is Planned that the document will start working from January next year. The rules will govern bus transportation. If we are talking about city tours or trip to the suburbs, to notify the traffic police will need for 12 hours. If you plan to tour in different cities, the traffic police should warn at least a day before the start. Very young travelers (ages 7 and up) requirements are special. For trips lasting more than four hours, they do not allow it. The bus trip will turn into a sort of “state within a state”. Among the attendants will appoint the chief. He will command not only the other members of the support group (these can be parents or teachers), but also the actions of the driver. By the way, to get rid of one attendant from among the most active moms class will not work. Adults according to the rules should be the same as the bus doors. This is to ensure that children are not rushed helter-skelter, as soon as the bus stops. However, this requirement is scheduled to apply only for travel involving more than twenty guys. If fewer children will suffice them and one accompanying person. But then he would have to keep the students out of the transport only through one door. Another important point concerns the time frame. Night journey, children are in principle prohibited, but if we are talking about the need to get to the airport or train station, the rules will allow a trip from 23 PM to 6 am. The route should extend up to 100 kilometers. Finally, if the road accidents, all original documents about the trip, including a full list of children and the support group, the document instructs to store three years. If the tour will cost without incident, the paper can be destroyed after 90 days.