Two of the players of the national rugbyploeg of the Fiji islands have been taken away, because they are not held to the quarantainevoorschriften in the fight against the new corona virus. The prime minister of the island nation it has no understanding of the behaviour of the men, whose identity has not been released. “It is for them. It will bring the whole community in Fiji, is in danger,” said Frank Bainimarama.

finally, The government has confirmed that one of the two players will be out of the hospital in Fiji after escaping where he was quarantined and was being held after his return to Singapore, because he is a “risk” to the carrier of the virus. “Unfortunately for him, he was unable to flee from the police, from the Fiji islands. He was arrested and is now in isolation at a hospital in the city of Nadi”, confirming Bainimarama.

The chairman of the Rugbyfederatie in Fiji, John O’connor, today announced in the meantime in most “appropriate disciplinary action” has to take a stand against the players. He has also promised to use their “extremely irresponsible behavior” in their clubs, and international federation of World Rugby.

“I have been rugbyfamilie in Fiji, will officially have been a very huge disappointment to express regarding the irresponsible attitude of these two players, their families, and everyone in Fiji will be in danger”, he underscored. “This irresponsible behaviour is totally unacceptable and we support the efforts of the police and any action against them will be taken into account.”