The stars actively engaged in blogs, advertising revenue is not the last place in the budget. Therefore, as a rule, they jealously guard their “advertising field”.

Rita Dakota completely fell out with Yana Rudkovskaya just due to the fact that such clearing something went wrong.

We are talking about competition on the network, the so-called Gibeah where between podeschi was played bags famous expensive brand.

How to write Dakota in instagram, she was going to do next with luxury bags and cosmetic bags, but they were sent to Kazakhstan to other participants.

Rita asked to go to the boutique and take a picture there with similar models of bags. After the pictures were taken and posted to instagram that was intended, has begun unimaginable.

Rita called the Manager and asked to delete the pictures, because to participate in the contest is permitted, as it turned out, only those who bring of a million-dollar income.

Rita doubted that all the other bloggers buy from firms of bags per million per year.

Then she was contacted by Yana Rudkovskaya and reported that the organizer is what she is and what she does not understand how Dakota got there.

And that their participation Rita reduces the degree of company, because it looks “germanski”.

In the end, Dakota cried from the hurt.

Rita explained to subscribers why she deleted the photo with the bags.

She didn’t want to because this story scared the Manager, someone there got fired. But the actress posed questions to the representative of the company, who saluted Rudkovskaya, why is that demeaning to human dignity situation?

Rita also stated that she and her company lost a customer forever, and those two bags of the brand, who she was, she immediately gave to charity.

Edition Ireporters to Yana Rudkovskaya for comments. Ian refused to talk, but gave a voice reply, which she addressed Rita Dakota.


There is, in particular, said that Jan learned about the presence of Rita in the circle at the last moment, and that by this action the brand itself is not relevant, and the bags were purchased personally by Jana.

And she didn’t like the wording, according to which its product is “distributed”.

“These things are purchased by me. So I have every right to make comments. I don’t mind that you were in the circle, but I am against such submission, the wording, it belittles the status of the stock, the brand image, for whom I have great respect. Agree, when people get into the apartment Louis Vuitton, there are not photographed with their bags, and then write that distribute any handbags it is a forgery and false information,” – said Rudkovskaya.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, musical producer Yana Rudkovskaya gave�� disassembly with his mother, recorded it on video and posted it to his instagram.

She placed it on the staged video, which tells his mother about who will sit with her seven year old son Alexander.

Publish from RITA DАКОТА (@ritadakota) 11 Jul 2020 1:56 PDT