RSPP expects a wave of bankruptcies in Russia

the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs warned on the impending domestic business is the wave of bankruptcies. The evaluation of the coordination Council of RSPP, it will cover about 3-6 months.

“the Main wave of increase of bankruptcies can be expected after three to six months due to a decrease in aggregate demand to the production of a large number of companies”, — quotes Agency RIA Novosti, the Council’s review prepared in conjunction with the company Seldon.

according to the authors of the review talking about the inability of the legal person to satisfy the claims of creditors on monetary obligations, is if their total sum exceeds 300 thousand rubles. The obligations are not fulfilled within three months.

last week, the message on bankruptcy received 288 of the companies. A week earlier their was 224.

At the moment the government is working on a second package of measures to support the economy in the fight against the spread of coronavirus infection. RSPP thus requested the authorities to review the strict ban on the entry of foreigners: and it could hit investment projects. Their suggestions on measures of support of economy and business sent to the Cabinet and other organizations, including the TPP, “Business Russia”, “OPORA Russia” and ASI.