RPL may reconsider the timing of the resumption of the season

the Season in RPL is currently suspended until 31 may. By decision of the Bureau of the RFU Executive Committee from 1 April, all matches under the auspices of this organization are prohibited until the specified date.

But, as reported today by the official website of RPL, may 31 – the date is not final and may be revised depending on the epidemiological situation and decrees of Executive authorities of the country. As they say in the message a press-services, the season will resume after the lifting of restrictions on the holding and organization of mass events.

One possible scenario is completing the season without spectators.

“the Guide and the RPL clubs are considering various options plays of the season, including and without spectators. We understand that a game without fans is bad, so this option we will take if the others will be impossible”, – stated in the message.

however, while RPL is planning the resumption of the championship in any of the weeks from mid-June to mid-July. About the end of the season speech now does not go, given the fact that UEFA gave all the leagues recommendation to finish the season to the end, to preserve the integrity of the competition and determine a champion, the participants of the European Cup and the play-offs and teams that leave the championship by a sports principle.