on Thursday via video link held a meeting with the management of RPL, the Russian football Union (RFU), the leaders of the clubs and representatives of the medical staffs. In the discussion of violations on the matches of the 23rd round was held in absentia voting for changes in the regulations on the resumption of the season, the disciplinary regulations and the championship regulations.

the Main change was the decision to cancel the withdrawal of teams from the tournament for two failure to appear for a match in a pandemic coronavirus. Thus, clubs will be able to finish the season, even in the case of multiple absences for reason of illness of the players and involuntary quarantine.

paragraph Repealed on the minimum application for the match. Had not allowed less than 16 outfield players and two goalkeepers, now clubs will be able to play with fewer willing players. Was also added to the paragraph of the rules regarding the championship, according to which the changes to the calendar agreed by all participants of the games and approved by the Executive Committee of the RFU.

“These changes are needed to preserve the integrity of competition in severe pandemic conditions. In the near future, the Bureau of the RFU Executive Committee should review our changes,” said RPL President Sergey Pryadkin.