the Duchess Meghan (38) and Prince Harry (35) in the continuous-criticism. For months, there are Negative headlines about the Royal Couple. Now Duchess Kate (37) Meghan is, of all things, to the side. Kate should have pity on her, after she said in the TV documentary “Meghan and Harry: an African Journey” on the big pressure on her.

The author and Royal expert Phil Dampier says, to “Express”: “she told Meghan that everyone is Royal, is also going through it yourself, hard times with the press. The most Important thing is to learn from mistakes, keep going and see it through.” So, too, Duchess Kate, which is today considered the flagship Royal had, during their 15-year relationship with Prince William (37) a lot of flak.

“don’t know, Kate, that it is Meghan good”

Though Prince Harry has admitted in the documentation, that there is between him and brother William problems, wool, Kate, Meghan and Harry under the arms. “I was told that Kate does behind the Scenes, its Best to bring together all and to help Meghan”, the expert continues. “She was on the phone with Meghan. She’s sorry, and Kate knows that it is Meghan good.”

Since the documentary was aired, there is speculation about a possible move of the Royal pair: That Meghan and Harry, your Royal-give title and to Africa, or live in the United States, would not be in the sense of the Duchess. “It would be a Disaster if Harry and Meghan move abroad. William and Kate were devastated,” says Dampier. (kad)