The bride is the daughter of a cousin of Queen Elizabeth, and according to the newspaper “Daily Telegraph” at 52. Place of the throne. Lady Gabriella has studied, among other things, in the USA and works in advertising. Her husband, a Finance broker is.

Before Gabriella had married almost exactly a year ago, Prince Harry, American actress Meghan Markle in the chapel. The two celebrate on this Sunday, their first wedding anniversary, along with her less than two weeks ago-born son Archie. In October 2018 and Harry’s cousin, Eugenie, daughter of Prince Andrew and his wife Fergie’s castle, here the Federal government for life.

Prince Harry (34) came to the side of Gabriella’s sister-in-law Sophie to the Church. Meghan (37) did not come with the newborn there. The Queen (93) wearing a coat in bright Pink. Her daughter Princess Anne and son Prince Edward were there.

The parents-in-law of Prince William (37), Michael and Carole Middleton, were part of the illustrious circle of the Invited, such as Williams sister-in-law Pippa, who had arranged for his wedding in 2011, in a tight white dress for a splash. Pippa is married since 2017 and brought in last October to a son.

Prince William had a other commitment: as President of the English football Association, he had to go to the FA Cup final between Manchester City and Watford FC.