After all the hype about Duchess Meghan (37) and Prince Harry (34) are the two happy to take a small break. Far the two, who wish to take according to insiders until October will not be traveling, however. As the British “Mirror” reported, will visit the couple, along with Baby Archie Queen Elizabeth II (93) and Prince Philip (97), at their summer residence in Scotland.

“The Queen and Prince Philip love the Couple and, of course, your great-grandson Archie. That’s why they have invited you for a few days at Balmoral castle. This is a great honor,” reveals an Insider.

birthday on Balmoral

For Harry and Meghan, a whole wing of the castle was made ready. How long the young family will stay in Scotland, is not known, but at least a date is set. The Queen is to explicitly plan, Meghans 38. Birthday at the 4. To celebrate August, at Balmoral castle, and with a Royal tea Party.

If Harry and Meghan will also participate in the special pastime of the Queen? As an Insider “Express” betrayed, to watch the monarch to your employees, as they try with nets armed, to catch bats.

For three decades, is to nest a colony of the animals in the roof beams of the old building. The hunting of the bats to help the Queen to distribute the “crippling boredom” in Scotland.

William and Kate set on the Caribbean

Quite a different holiday Prince William (37) and Duchess Kate (37) have planned with their three children, Princess Charlotte (4), Prince George (5) and Prince Louis (1). Such as “The Sun” reported, will be flown to the Royal family for the second Time in a row on the Caribbean island of Mustique. There you will be in the morning on the white sand beach under the palm trees, Georges 6. Birthday parties.

On the island of appreciate, Kate and William, particularly, that you can make a undisturbed holiday. “It’s very private and incredibly discrete, but not isolated. You know and trust the employees who work there,” says an Insider to the newspaper. In addition, the two “creatures of habit”, which explains that you can relax for the second Time in a row there were. In 2013, Kate and William were for the first Time on Mustique guest, at the time, Kate was pregnant with George. (klm)