Prince Harry (34) has revealed in a Interview with the primatologist Jane Goodall (85), that he wants a sibling for son Archie, but then his children planning to stop. As he indicated, it is to want to again have children, under Goodall, for their research on the behavior of chimpanzees known interrupted him: “Not many.” As a result, the celebrities explained to the British Royal relatives: “a Maximum of two.”

The birth of Archie’s three months ago had changed his view of the world, especially in the field of environmental protection. “I have always thought: This world is only borrowed. We are so intelligently designed, and that we should be able to leave the next Generation a better place.”

Meghan interviewed Michelle Obama

The conversation was conducted in Windsor, is part of the September issue of the fashion magazine “Vogue”. Harry’s wife, Duchess Meghan (37), acted as guest-editor-in-Chief. The British September-“Vogue” comes on Friday in the trade. Some of the texts are already online.

In the output, in which the Duchess, with a focus on influential women want interviewed, you also Michelle Obama (55). The wife of Ex-US President Barack (57) said Meghan about the mother. “Enjoy everything”, gives Obama the mum of Archie on the way. The most Important thing for a mother to be for the Ex-First Lady, however, is that sometimes you can also give control: “to be a mother, a master task, especially in the Release was. Injured knees, bumpy roads and broken hearts belong.” (sda/klm)