Only the closest friends and family members were yesterday afternoon, and as a Baby, Archie (two months) was baptized. To the great Celebration for her son Prince Harry (34), and Meghan (37) welcomed, among others, Prince William (37) and Duchess Kate (37) and Duchess Camilla (71) and Prince Charles (70). The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby (63), headed the ceremony in the private chapel of Windsor castle. There, where Harry and Meghan in the past year, have married.

With the baptism. Archie automatically a member of the Church of England and part of the Anglican Church In the early 80s, 40 percent of the population of the UK reported as part of this Church, now the number has dropped to 14 percent, the Taufzahlen are similar to decline.

Taufzahlen in Switzerland declined sharply,

In Switzerland, the picture is similar. In 2017, it was Reformed almost 12’000 Baptisms, in 1980, there were 26’000 is still more than twice as many. 1960 40’000. In the case of the Catholics, there were 2017 at least 19’000 people with a total of around 85’000 newborns. Within 25 years the Baptisms were Reformed by 50 percent and by 40 percent in the case of the Catholics, as the Numbers of the Swiss pastoral socio-logical Institute (SPI) at a time.

birth rate is the determining factor, says

Director of the Institute, Arnd Bünker (49), one of the reasons for the decline: “Overall, the number of births in Switzerland has for years been low, which also affects the Taufzahlen. In addition, the number of the denomination is growing as well as the number of other communities as large churches Based, so that the proportion of Catholic or reformed families – and, thus, the number of Baptisms.” However, the dynamics were complex and were not in a simple denominator.

tendency to individualism has a

in Addition to a basic Ageing of the churches and the change in the religious landscape, but there are also different reasons for parents to have their child baptized. So, as a major component of the increasingly noticeable tendency to social individualism. “The Tradition and expectations of the own origin of the family are no longer as important as before. You want, that the child can later decide whether it will be baptized”, it describes the reformed pastor Catherine McMillan (57) from Dübendorf ZH.

the Lack of contact with the Christian Faith

Sometimes you have baptized children and young adults, which would have explicitly asked for it. “But this is rare, because most children do not come today, hardly with the Christian Faith when you are baptized, or the parents are not active. Or you’re embarrassed.”

parents who have doubts, to baptize your child, explain to you the meaning of the ceremony as follows: “baptism is an act that says: You are one of them.” The grace of God, come in the baptism of an infant is particularly strongly expressed, because a child could not earn the membership. “It must speak no commitment and nothing to make. God’s unconditional acceptance is a gift. You are the life and the soil,” says McMillan.