Originally the plan was that the Royal Run literally had the run of the place 1. June in Denmark and 28. may in Greenland. However, due to corona-the crisis has now taken a decision to postpone the race.

It informs the royal family on its website, where it saith, that the danes in the site will be allowed to run with the crown prince 6. september in Denmark and 30. august in Greenland.

On Instagram expressing kronprinsfamilien also ærgelse that the race is postponed:

‘We have in the whole family welcomed us to lace up the shoes for the Royal Run.’

‘We would like to invite all løbeglade – young and older – to maintain the joy and the enthusiasm for the exercise, follow the authorities’ recommendations and to arm themselves with patience. We hope all six, Royal Run can be a major focal point after the summer holidays, and to all until then take care of themselves and each other,’ it sounds it from the family on the royal family’s official Instagram profile.

On social media also shared a picture of them. Here sits the crown prince Frederik, crown princess Mary with children, prince Christian and prince Vincent as well as the daughters, princess Isabella and princess Josephine on a staircase, surrounded by running shoes.

But they must have a little patience, for the shoes come as mentioned in the preliminary.

currently has 80,000 danes joined the royal run which will take place in Copenhagen/Frederiksberg, denmark, Sønderborg, Odense, Aalborg, on the island of Bornholm and in the capital, Nuuk.

Although the Royal Run has now been extended to the autumn, there is still the opportunity to sign up for the different races – equal with the exception of the race in Sønderborg, where there are sold out.

the Decision to postpone is taken by a unanimous steering committee, in consultation with the local organizers, the royal family and mediepartneren TV 2.

“Our most important task is to ensure the health and safety of the participants and spectators, supporting the Royal Run. Therefore, we have chosen to take the decision to postpone the event, and we are very thankful that we, together with our local organizers on relatively short time has been able to find a new date,” says Morten Mølholm Hansen, director of Denmark’s sports confederation, on behalf of Royal Runs in the steering committee.

He hopes that the Royal Run can help to gather the people again, when coronaudbruddet hopefully is under control for the fall.

“The current situation is affecting us all, also in Greenland, and it is for many people a very difficult time. We are pleased, therefore, that we together for the Royal Run after the summer may meet in a merry celebration in the wake of this very serious time.”

Royal Run was first held in 2018 in celebration of the konprins fred’s 50th birthday. Here was 70.500 enrolled in Denmark’s five largest cities.

the Course was so successful that it was repeated in 2019. This time, however, without the crown prince in the shoes. He had shortly before suffered a herniated disc in the left-hand side.

He was, however, present at the race in Copenhagen, where he led the way on his bike, while the rest of the kronprinsfamilien race with the danes.