The father-daughter relationship between the Duchess Meghan (37), and Thomas Markle (74) on ice. In February, the father of the Royals published a personal, hand-written letter from Meghan. The Duchess about wrote: “Your actions have let my heart in a thousand pieces, shatter.” The publication of the private letter is the highlight of the Markle drama. But what does this mean for Thomas Markles relationship to his grandson, to come soon to the world?

In the new TLC documentary “Meghan and Harry: A Royal Baby Story” want to know a Royal expert: Meghan will leave your father is hardly in the vicinity of their first child. Duncan Larcombe, the author of “Prince Harry: The Inside Story”, believes that the Mini-Royal can reconcile the Markles. “I don’t think Thomas Markle will meet with his Grandson, or his granddaughter ever,” he says in the Trailer for the documentary.

“You can’t hurt people, and then the victim

” Meghans half-sister, Samantha Markle (54), in the Doc. She claims that Meghan had “hurt the family”. “You can’t hurt people and then play the victim”, gifting you. The TV-special to Meghans Baby luck also sheds light on the alleged bickering between her and the Duchess Kate (37). “I don’t think Meghan and Kate will ever be super good Friends,” says journalist Ashley Pearson in the Trailer. (kad)