The criticism of the Duchess Meghan (38) and Prince Harry (34) won’t break. The Royal Pair, with the Private Jet in the holiday flew by, and at the same time regularly against the climate warming pronounce that pushes critics to sour. Among other things, the Royal expert and Journalist Duncan Larcombe.

In the Yahoo! webseries “The Royal Box” shoots sharply against Prince Harry: “He was a Prince of the people. Now he has become a hypocritical, moralistic, withdrawn, and slightly confused, the young Prince and he will lose popularity,” says the Journalist. “It is a tragedy, because I think he is a great guy.”

“Think you, that we are all crazy?”

according to Larcombe, so Meghan and Harry jump “from one PR Disaster to the next”. “A Couple who taught us all to do something for the environment, flies all summer long with Private Jets in the holidays. Do you think that we are all crazy and the Public do not look at as unapproachable?”

author Angela Levin, the Prince Harry met already in person talks, criticized the royale Couple also. She says the “Telegraph” that Meghan and Harry decide, and your role in the Public setting: “While their own relationship seems to be harmonious, they seem to be relating to her Royal role becoming increasingly confused. Do you want to serve dutifully to the Public or Celebrities around the world jetting?

Meghan and Harry caused a Shitstorm, as they laid in eleven days, four flights with private jets back. This, after the Couple is positioned as a protector of the climate. A number of Stars such as Elton John (72) defended the two as a result. In contrast to Meghan and Harry, Prince William (37) and Duchess Kate (37) have been scanned a few days ago, when Boarding a cheap plane to Scotland. (kad)