Keane will soon be moving from Sky to ITV to provide his commentary abilities with this season’s Euro 2020 championship

“Downtime prior to the Euros. Health and security has gone insane, seemingly youngsters now should use armbands,” the prior Ireland soccer player said in a picture of him playing with his children at the pool whilst on vacations.

Fans of this pundit joined in online, jokingly commenting”that is your job” beneath the picture on social networking.

Others were shocked to watch Keane from what they believed would be an extreme pre-match warm up to provide audiences his sharp ideas on each and every game.

“Swimming in your vacations?!

Naturally there were a few who shot Keane’s remarks in earnest and proceeded on to concur that”the entire world has gone soft.”

A number of Keane’s 1.4 million Instagram followers commented:”Do me a favor” at the notion that children must have to wear armbands in swimming pools for both health and security reasons.