the British writer Joanne king Rowling signed the open letter “About the fairness and openness of the discussions.” It calls for recognition of the right of everyone to their own opinion. The full text of the letter published on the website of Harper’s Magazine.

the signatures in the document also left 150 figures of literature and art, as well as public figures. The authors of the letter urge to stop to spread in the West “ideological uniformity and moral categorical”, to keep the exchange of ideas and not to turn tolerance into a tool of imposing specific installations.

“the Tendency to condemn is becoming more common in our culture: zero tolerance for opposing points of view, fashion to bring people to defamation and ostracism, the tendency to dissolve the complex political problems in a blinding stream of moral categoricity”, the letter reads.

the artists stressed that they need the right to experiment, risk and error. In addition, they are encouraged to leave behind them the right not to accept conventional views without the threat of serious consequences for their work.

Recently the fans have turned against Rowling for her joke on Twitter. The scandal broke after the writer has ridiculed the author of the column titled “Opinion: after COVID-19 need to create a more just world for people who are menstruating”. Rowling joked that the author of the column forgot the word “woman.” In the end she was accused of transphobia.