dear seniors, Hand on heart: Are you on the latest rule changes in road transport in the picture? The driving test is now already some years – has changed since then in our streets a lot of New laws and traffic guides, ever denser traffic. How do I behave correctly in the gyro and who has precedence? Or who has right of way on the narrow road to the mountain Restaurant?

The Online-learning program “” know the answers to these questions. And offers even more. It includes, for example, selected Exercises to tricky traffic situations, offers a clear presentation of the Changes in the road traffic act and is similar to a theory book, as electronic reference for legal basis. In addition, the Knowledge can be tested simply and in a targeted manner, including the explanations of the correct answers.

cost: at 29 Swiss francs in the year

The Canton of Solothurn, CTM Alder LTD, the official licensee of the Swiss road traffic licensing departments, together with leading Swiss road safety experts developed a Web-application, can be used via PC, Mac, Tablet, or Smartphone for 29 Swiss francs in the year. By the way: in addition to the Version “Senior” out of the two other variants of “Business” (for drivers of company cars) and “Private” (e.g., for parents of young adults who are currently in the driving training).