A control by the food Inspectorate has led on Monday to the closure of a restaurant in Winterthur. Police officers of the Canton police of Zurich had inspected on Friday evening in Winterthur, Switzerland during several hours around 200 people in 29 Local in Winterthur. In the process, they made sure in a Restaurant, around 100 kilograms of meat with outlines and fatty excess on the expiration date.

Together with the food Inspectorate of the city of Winterthur, the officials conducted on Monday for a follow-up. “Due to the General state and the various identified sanitary defects, the Restaurant had to be closed immediately,” says a police spokeswoman.

Two foreigners in custody

Due to offences against the immigration and integration law were at the action from Friday in addition, a 20-year-old Indian woman, as well as a 48-year-old Peruvian woman was arrested and the Prosecutor’s office of Winterthur/performs under country. Employers and Householders are brought to the display. (SDA/noo)