coronavirus Pandemic stimulated a growing interest in medical tourism in Russia, said the head of state tourism projects and tourism security of the Federal tourism Agency Yelena Lysenkova.

“the Pandemic has affected quite strongly in the focus of our citizens travel all over the country. But, on the other hand, the pandemic has shown how important the health of citizens, how important is vacation and free time to devote to their health, and the importance of medical tourism came to another degree in relation to other types of trips,” he said during an online conference in TASS Lysenkova.

He stressed that this trend is particularly relevant for those who are faced with a pandemic, wants preventive measures to maintain your health, and those who had been ill and forced to deal with rehabilitation and reconstruction. The possibilities for this gives sanatorium-resort complex of Russia, noted Lysenkova.

thus, according to her, there is a growing interest in medical tourism is also on the background of the General trend to increase the importance of the focus on healthy living and active lifestyles.

Elena Lysenkova said the Federal tourism Agency is working on solutions for the construction of new sanatorium-resort enterprises and modernization of existing ones. For these purposes, developed legislative initiatives on the market concessional financing investors who are interested in rebuilding an existing Foundation or building a new one. “From next year it will be possible to obtain preferential credit for the construction of such facilities,” she said.