Rostransnadzor began to examine the drivers of the locomotives

to run the trains banned convicted or suspected of crimes related to extremism and terrorism. Under the new provisions of the law on railway transport organizations can take them to work, directly connected with movement of trains, and already working needs to be fired.

the Ministry of transport highlight that the purpose of exams is not to thin out the state drivers, and to enhance their professional level

From the formal point of view of the convicts repaid with a criminal record you cannot restrict any rights the Director of the Institute for transport Economics and transport policy HSE Mikhail Blinkin. Terrorism, of course, a special case. “But to find among those drivers who would be convicted of terrorism is something from the category of fantasy,” – said the expert. Railway transport and so there is a very serious selection, he explains.

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However, the exams to obtain certificates for the management of the rolling stock will have to undergo everything. Amendments to the law entered into force in late January of this year, and now this process is gaining momentum.

After the first wave of testing has already issued the first certificate for operators of rolling stock under the new rules, told “RG” in the Federal Agency for transport supervision. Issued such documents free of charge and are open-ended. The certificates issued earlier will be valid until the expiry date indicated therein. If the term is not defined, replace them in case of loss or damage.

There are those who are not able to pass the exam. Thus, in the Urals in the two groups the exams already passed the 39 candidates, three pass failed. In the Central region of 21 candidates the exam is not passed one, in the North-West of the 23 did not pass three. In Siberia in two groups exam surrenderingif 45 of them passed six. But in the far East of the 18 candidates test not passed no one. The questions concerned the rules of technical operation of Railways in Russia, organization of movement of trains, rules of conduct in emergency situations, as well as specifics of management of the rolling stock, says the Federal Agency for transport supervision. So from the examination of professional knowledge depends on the traffic safety on railway transport.

Fail the exam will get a chance to retake. The main thing – not to thin out the state drivers, and to enhance their professional level. “The changes helped to create the conditions for the formation of a common system of access to the railway rolling stock is exclusively of qualified specialists”, – emphasized in the Russian transport inspection.

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Previously, the documents on the right of management of traction rolling stock on the routes in General use gave the company “Russian Railways”, and on the ways of non-public – their owners. Those testimonies were not documents of the state sample, respectively, and the common requirements to obtain them did not exist.

Now the control over the personnel in the railway transport became stricter. Tightened also the account of the persons entitled to the management of railway rolling stock. All drivers who have received a certificate, entered in the unified register, which will keep the supervision. In addition to the examinations for obtaining the certificate, each candidate must submit a medical certificate about absence of contraindications and a copy of the document confirming the completion of vocational training.

“without derogating the machinists of locomotives, I must say that the drivers that control the passenger part, have a special responsibility. Control of the level of professional knowledge and skills in this area is very important. But if someone had problems in the exam, it only reflects the objective situation,” – said Vice-President of the Association “Zeldaclassic” Nikolay Berezin. Do not pass the exam should think about the increase of the professional level, he adds.


the List of prohibitions to work for tried is gradually expanding. In the beginning of the year the information appeared that to the list of restrictions on employment for ex-prisoners is planned to add another item.

it is Assumed that behind the wheel of a taxi and public transport will not be able to take people who have served time for murder, sexual crimes, terrorism. Appropriate amendments will be made to the Labour code and other laws.

As explained “RG” the experts, in case of amendment of the certificate of no criminal record will require the drivers including the Internet taxi aggregators.

Now in big cities have decided not to vote at the curb, is an anachronism. Basically a taxi ordered through a special application on the smartphone or call on the phone. Therefore, people with serious stigma in the biography can’t connect to Internet aggregator and to earn a living as a cab driver.

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In the Labour code includes several articles providing for prohibitions for former prisoners. Judge will not take the school teacher or coach children’s sports section. The man who served time, should forget about the civil service, working on strategic enterprises, etc. In the end it turns out that the convicted citizen in practice is always under suspicion.

So many after release face a problem: nowhere to go, nowhere to take the job. Often former prisoner denied even where, in principle, could take the law prohibits. But recruiters prefer to play it safe. There is a risk that in case of amendments, the taxi companies also do not understand the legal intricacies, previous conviction or not, was for a serious crime or minor, etc.

Therefore, according to many experts, the proposed restrictions should be examined in detail, including costs to further discuss the need for them. The cab was one of the opportunities where help will not look and will give a chance to start life with a clean slate. However, there is another side: what if the citizen really has not ceased to be a threat?

it is Necessary to clarify the list of prohibitions on the profession, and to clearly delineate the types of “biographical spots”: not every record needs to include the person in the lists of unwanted persons everywhere. Some doors for someone who decides to mend his ways, must remain open. On the other hand, in sensitive areas, need more control, and reasonable restrictions are permissible.

Prepared Vladislav Kulikov