Rostov doctors took the baby weight 460 grams

Doctors of the Rostov regional perinatal center has performed a miracle — they managed to get out preterm baby. She was born 13 weeks premature with a weight of 460 grams and the growth of 27 inches. For the life of the baby more than 100 days a team of intensive care specialists-neonatologists.

Sophia, the so-called baby, was born on 27 November 2019. Her mom during pregnancy have developed serious illness, life-threatening. Therefore, it was decided to hold an emergency birth.

Now the small patient has gained 3 pounds. It was removed from the ventilator, and she independently breathes and eats, and actively responds to the voice and began to smile. The girl still will continue to observe for several years, but now doctors say that health problems should not be.

As told STRC “don-TR” in the Perinatal center, babies with a weight up to 500 gram worldwide very rarely survive, so Sofia is a big team victory Rostov doctors.

Chief physician of the Perinatal center of the Rostov region, Maxim Umansky said: “We were able to reach a child weighing 460 grams, and this is the first successful case in the Rostov region. This was made possible thanks to all the technologies that are being introduced daily in modern medicine, but even now they don’t provide care to all children with a mass of about 500 grams. We are gradually getting to the difcult tasks that are put before us by the government. Do everything possible to provide assistance to children born after 22 weeks. This event is a great success for perinatal medicine”.

Text: STRC “don-TR”