the Average price of gasoline the most popular Russian AI-92 rose by 11 cents – up to 42,66 rubles per liter. The cost of gasoline AI-95 increased by 17 cents to 46.2 cents per liter, and the brand AI-98 has risen in price on 11 cents – 52,24 rubles per liter.

a Decline in average gasoline prices has not been fixed in any of the center subjects of the Russian Federation. Gasoline rose in 71 centers of constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Mostly in Sevastopol and Makhachkala – 2%.

on average since the end of last year, gasoline AI-92 has risen in price on 0,9% (growth for the week to 0.3%), gasoline AI-95 rose in price by 0.9% (growth per week of 0.4%), and gasoline AI-98 – by 0.5% (growth for the week to 0.2%). Diesel fuel has risen in price on 0,1%, and the price increase for the week was 0.2%.

compared to the previous week, gasoline production rose by 9.4%, production of diesel fuel decreased by 6.4%.

Statistics from Rosstat confirms that in June the growth rate of retail prices at filling stations has increased several times. According to the service to the beginning of June from the end of last year the increase in average retail gasoline prices made up for AI-92 – 0,3%, AI-95 – 0,1%, AI-98 – 0.2% and the price of diesel fuel showed a decrease of 0.2%.