According to Rosstat, food prices increased the most chicken meat in the whole country by 0.6%, in some regions up to 2.7%. Also went up a half-smoked sausages – by 0,4%, canned meat, wheat flour, polished rice, black tea and salt at 0.3%. While eggs became cheaper by 0.5%, frozen fish and meat canned baby – 0.2%.

fruits and vegetables have added an average of 1.4% of the price. Rose potatoes – by 3.9%, potatoes – by 3.2%. Tomatoes and onions became cheaper by 3.3%.

the price of drugs in the reporting week ranged from 0.7 percent.

Floor cleaners rose by 0.8% and passenger cars – 0.4%. Changes in the prices of most other categories of goods was within 0.2%. Motor fuels and gasoline and diesel prices rose by 0.1%.