to Work for such a mechanism to support tenants, the service instructed the Vice-Premier of Victoria Abramchenko. “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” Victoria Abramchenko said recently that in connection with the spread of novel coronavirus infection many of the tenants of the land plots in state or municipal ownership, actually forced to suspend its business activity for the development of land.

the Head of Rosreestr Oleg Skupinski explained that we are talking about large areas. After all, today the area plots in state or municipal ownership, is 1579,4 million hectares. And that 92.2 percent of the total area of the Russian Federation. Of these acres are currently rented more 201,7 million hectares. Of them 196,4 million hectares of plots available to rent to organizations and individuals engaged in agricultural production.

Deputy Chairman of the government of Victoria Abramchenko:

public authorities in the current situation should almost automatically increase the term of the lease. This will significantly reduce the bureaucratic burden so that the tenants can focus on more important issues of preservation of their business and labor groups, not to waste time on repetitive procedures of preservation of land rights. Should be enough of an application from a tenant to extend lease in the shortest possible time.